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I'm trying to get pregnant, but it's not yet successful. Is bladder infection or do I and my husband not biologically match?


Dear Network Doctor

I am a woman of 31. My girlfriend and I am well trying to get pregnant. We have only tried for 3 months, but have not yet had luck with us. I have obviously had bladder infections, which have probably lasted for about a month's time. Like infectious inflammation, can it prevent pregnancy?

I'm thinking very much about getting pregnant and wishing for the first time in my life. Is it true that I can think so much about the fact that I can help prevent myself from getting pregnant? Furthermore, I have heard that it may be so unfortunate that you "biologically do not match" - is that really right? If that's right, is that something you can check? And if you're so unlucky not to fit together, is that something you can do?

Looking forward to a reply from you, as I use a lot of herbs on all these thoughts

Greetings one asks


Dear asks

It's great to decide to want a child together. And when that decision is made, impatience rises from month to month, if it does not succeed. It will be too far to come up with a longer study of the biological conditions for getting pregnant, but forget about the idea that you do not match the biological plan. That's not true.

Certainly there are many happy and unfortunate examples of getting pregnant in the first "hug", but usually a few months before it succeeds. Also, even if you are 2-3 or more times a week around the time of ovulation, which is in the middle of the period between the menstrual period - the woman with regular bleeding at 4 weeks intervals. You must extend your patience for at least half a year or more. If it still fails then you may want to talk to a doctor about it. The reason may be found either with the woman or the husband or both parties. But goodbye, dear friends, it will surely go by itself.

Infection can be contributory cause, but a common bladder infection is hardly the explanation. You are writing "apparently had cystitis" Is that something you guess? It is not enough. It must be investigated. Atrial fibrillation can at worst lead to damage or occlusion of the fallopian tubes. If it occurs, it can cause sterility. But you neither have nor have had a stomach inflammation? I would just like to mention that a commonly occurring microorganism called Chlamydia can cause abdominal infection and cystitis. So if you still have symptoms of cystitis, you should be examined - and treated if there is infection. Bladder infection for a month must in any case be clarified. And if there is still no pregnancy on our way, when we approach spring, feel free to ask again. But I do not think it will be necessary!

Erik Fangel Poulsen Specialist in Women's Diseases and Births

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