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Infectious diseases between lesbians?


Dear Network Doctor

I am a lesbian and thinking about sexually transmitted diseases - I am thinking about HIV in particular - at six between two women?

Sincerely, one asks


Dear asks

Thank you for an interesting question!

In principle, you can imagine the transmission of certain sexually transmitted diseases by oral sex between women. In particular, I think of herpes, which during outbreaks can infect from the mouth to the genitals and the other way. Liquid herpes in the mouth (cold sores) can thus give herpes to the genitals - and vice versa. Like cold sores, of course, can infect from mouth to mouth.

Infections such as chlamydia, genital warts and syphilis can, in principle, be well transmitted from the female genitals to the oral cavity (or from the genital organs through a finger). But this is an extremely theoretical risk, and infection between two women is never seen.

You specifically ask for HIV, and here too, there is a theoretical risk, as virus infection occurs in HIV-infected women. However, transmission of infection requires access to the bloodstream, and there must therefore be open bleeding wounds in the oral cavity prior to actual danger.

Normally, you also say that oral sex (without ejaculation, which is not applicable in your case) can be regarded as "low risk".

Friendly greetings

Christian Graugaard

Doctor, PhD specializing in sexology.

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