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Infectious nail fungus associated with pedicure?


Dear Merete,

I'm doing pedicure in my job but I'm in doubt about nail fungus infections? What do I do with a nail infected, can not I touch it or should it be treated normally? I have learned that it is infectious and you can not handle it, but have received other information from my workplace!

Greetings one asks.


Dear asks.

You ask if nail fungus infects and wants advice and guidance on hygienic measures in connection with pedicure.

Nail fungus is not considered to be particularly contagious. Mushrooms in toenails, however, are almost always preceded by foot fungus, which infects person to person via infected skin dandruff. Foot fungus can spread to the nails and later develop into nail fungus, whereas the infection does not happen the other way - from nail fungus to foot fungus.

In connection with grinding and filing of nails with nail fungus, released nail material is released, which may be infected with contagious fungal spores. Therefore, if you are doing pedicure on a person who has nail fungus, it can not be excluded that nail fungus can infect, but the risk is considered quite small. This is supported, inter alia, by The fact that foot therapists rarely are infected with sponges in the fingernails, and the problem probably does not have much practical significance.

I estimate that there is sufficient hand wash after each completed treatment. Possibly. In selected cases you can wear gloves in conjunction with the treatments.

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