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Involuntary raising


Dear Network Doctor

I'm a guy who has had this problem since I was around 15 years (I'm 29 today), but I do not think I've been aware that it was becoming a big problem for me.

My problem is that I regularly raise the penis without unconsciously wishing that. I have had some terrible experiences both in business and in education, where I constantly change jobs or education because of my problem that is being discovered by other people.

I have tried not to wear pants on it's tight-fitting, wearing the most joggin pants, because it's a bit hiding my problem, but I do not know what to do, and in my circle, everyone knows about it, and I'm hanging out as " b?sse "" trans "or" psychopath ". I just feel I'm stamped hard. It's terrible and I can not cope anymore.

I finally got together to write the letter, because I do not feel I am well and have thought about suicide for a very long time. I hate myself because of this. I have no friends, live in secret and try to avoid contact with people. Everyone has turned my back, and every time I pass by, I'm whispered that I'm a "power" and that it "vibrates" (penis), they call me a lot of other ugly nicknames, most of them most.

I have repeatedly tried my medical attention, but every time I have had a fear of not being taken seriously or saying that "it's a common problem". I have also had social phobia because of this disease, and I get stressed and get scared when I interact with other people. Is there any help out there? Hope you know the problem and that there are others who have had the same problem.

Sincerely, one asks


Dear Questions

Involuntary raising is a big problem for many. You are definitely not the only one who experienced it, but it is a problem that typically occurs after the teens.

Involuntary raising is the designation of erection that occurs in situations where raising is not desired, and therefore it covers quite wide. Most often, it is because of thoughts of an erotic nature or stimulated by external stimuli. It can be visual if you see a potential partner that stimulates you erotic or by mechanical stimuli, for example, if you drive by car or bus, where it bumps a lot.

The problem can Solved, you must not be in doubt. However, it sounds like you need professional help as the things you have tried on your own have not been able to correct the problem.

I would suggest that you contact the sexologist. Your doctor may help you find one in your local area. Do not be afraid that your doctor will respond with lack of understanding or neglecting your problem. It's important that you get relevant help so you can get your life back on track.

Morten Svenning Nielsen Doctor

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