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Irritable colon? - but also bleeding!


Dear Network Doctor

I am a 23 year old student who has found irritated colon. My disorder is associated with stress and emotion and I feel very alone in the world because I feel so unbelievably badly physically unable to take care of my study and work because of the discomfort and pain and can not find my head and tail, What I need to do to move on. I'm also afraid if I can never live a normal life with my studies again. It started 4 months ago with nausea, discomfort and abdominal pain. For a couple of years, I have sometimes been soft when I have been to the toilet. After I now avoid dairy products and fat meat, I have come to life, and it also helps breathing exercises and mindfulness, but I still feel stuck in a state I'm not masters over and I can not see an end to.

Sincerely, one asks


Dear Questions

Irritable colon is a very common disorder in the Western world, where it is estimated that up to 25% of the population may be bothered, perhaps only during periods. Frequently, the diagnosis is made by exclusion of different diseases in other studies. The most frequent genes are abdominal pain, bloating, spotting and disturbances in the stool pattern. However, new studies have shown that in many cases there may be a particular form of stopping, so-called hidden constipation, where you may also have discomfort throughout the body, nausea or small flu-like cases. You must have checked if this is the case for you, and it is best with a determination of the so-called pass time, while at the same time being told if there is too much bowel movement stored in your colon, almost as depots. However, since you have also had bleeding in conjunction with bowel movements, it may also be a different bowel disease, so a binoculars examination of the intestine should be done as the first. You should therefore refer to a hospital department that can carry out both these types of studies, and so far it can only be done at the Tarmlaboratorium / Helsing?r Hospital, which can be referred to by your own doctor. It should be noted that the binocular examination must be performed first (due to bleeding). Once the final diagnosis is made, effective treatment can be given, so you can fit your studies again.


Dennis Raahave Chief Medical Officer, Specialist gastrointestinal diseases

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