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Irritable colon is often a hidden constipation


Dear Network Doctor.

For a year and a half I have had an irritable colon, and it bothered me a lot. I am a physiotherapy student and the disease is getting worse and worse all the time, which fits really badly into my life. I have read here on health-root that you can get on the intestinal labyrinth and be examined in Helsing?r, but my doctor did not know about this. Are there other places in Denmark?

When my illness started, it was at the same time that I got a cat. Could it have anything to do with each other? An allergic reaction for example? I hope soon my illness will stop because it's taken month by month and every day is a struggle for school, work and sport.

Sincerely, one asks


Dear Questions

Irritable colon is very common in the western world, and although you do not write anything about your symptoms, I assume you have stomach aches with bloating, pain and bowel disorders in one form or another. At the same time you have heartburn and receive a medicine for stomach acid.

Our studies in the Tarm Laboratory / Helsing?r have shown that many suffer from the so-called hidden constipation, which means that there is too much stool accumulated in the large intestine, even if you go to the bathroom every day. This may cause the stomach to drain poorly and you get additional sore throat and heartburn. This can be confirmed by examining the passage time through the large intestine. The result of this study is crucial to the treatment that will then be initiated, consisting of dietary advice, fluid, exercise, and a particular drug to stimulate especially the colon function. Then the genes will begin to disappear.

It is unlikely that it is the fault of the cat. Besides such studies at Helsing?r Hospital / Tarmlaboratoriet, there is also a department at the municipal hospital in Aarhus.


Dennis Raahave Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Med.

Specialist in gastrointestinal diseases

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