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Irritated colon and stinging pain on the right side of the stomach. What do I do?


Dear Network Doctor

I have had problems with my stomach for many years (about 12 years). About 1999 I was examined by my old doctor, and after several studies, I found out that I have irritated colon.

At that time I was really sorry for frequent stomach ache and uneven toilet visits. At that time, I had a binocular examination of my rectum to check for polyps, which could not be found.

In the last three years, I think my stomach is much better. I have also become more relaxed about my symptoms and know today what can trigger the problems. However, I'm experiencing some slim on my stool and it worries me. In addition to that, I've experienced a severe stinging pain in my right side of the stomach, all the way over my hip. The pain is short-lived and feels almost like someone is stuck in my side. Sometimes the pain is very violent, but quickly over and sometimes it's more like the pain can only be hesitated and not very bad but does not disappear as fast.

In addition to these two symptoms, I often have big problems with a very bloated stomach. It feels almost like I've got a lot of air in my stomach, but I can not really get rid of the air. Instead, I only have pain in my stomach that sits across the stomach region. It usually helps me to lay down a little or practice some exercise.

I very much hope that you will answer me as I am getting a little worried if there may be something seriously wrong with me or if it may still be related to irritated colon.

Sincerely, one asks


Dear Questions

Abdominal pain, bloating and abdominal disturbances indicate that the function of the colon and rectum is suffering. An important function is to store, transport and secrete stools.

However, many studies have shown a pronounced tendency for some to form bowel depletion in the intestine, which can cause the mentioned symptoms - especially on the right side - that may be the reason for your pain here.

Impaired bowel function is widely used in the Western world. You must therefore carry out a study of the colon's function, and it will take place with a study of the passage time, at the same time you can determine the build-up of bowel movements. At the same time a binocular examination of the large intestine should be done, as it is something that has been going on for many years. Then you can start a combined treatment / organize your daily life to minimize the genes.

Depending on the results of the studies, special (harmless) medicine may be required for a period of time. Many have been helped.


Dennis Raahave Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Med.

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