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Is a binoculars examination of urinary tract and bladder necessary?


Dear Network Doctor

My husband got 2 months since bladder infection and was treated with penicillin, but one week after he got it again, he thought, but it turned out he was very sick and there was blood in the urine. It was gone again in the course of a ? day, but he had a pain in the kidneys a few days later. He got a urine test examined and the kidneys and ureters scanned, everything was normal. The doctor says that it may have been a stone that has come out but he wants my husband to have a binocular examination of the bladder and urethra because there has been blood in the urine. So, the question is why does he really need what they are investigating and can not see it all at the scan?

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Dear Questions

You ask me one of the questions where my answer "lies on the spinal cord". In any case, visible blood in the urine must immediately lead to a study of kidneys, ureters and urinary bladder in a man or woman of 48 years. Here, visible blood in the urine may come from a nodule in the kidney or a polyp in the urinary tract. If that is the reason, it must be investigated to be detected in good time. Then I'd rather also calm down a bit. In the majority of cases, we do not actually find a knot in the kidney or polyps in the urinary tract - but rather investigate once more than too little.

The kidneys and urinary tract until urinary bladder is best investigated by an X-ray examination. By this you also see the urinary bladder, but not exactly enough to determine if there is a change or not. Therefore, you must choose a binocular examination of the bladder. Throughout the last 15-18 years the binocular examination of the bladder - the so-called cystoscopy - has been an extremely simple study. It was worse at that time that we used a rigid binoculars, that is, a rigid metal tube that was to pass through the urethra into the bladder. At that time, I would not deny that many were perceived as "torture". But the flexible, thin binoculars that are used today pass so easily and the study is overcome in a few minutes. Almost all men (typically women will say !!) fear the study a lot, but by far, most people give me a right when the survey is over, that it was "nothing at all" afraid of. So, yes, I agree 100% with your doctor. Your man should come to a binoculars examination of the urinary bladder, and he will very likely say afterwards: "Well, if not." So beware of.


Poul Frimodt-M?ller

Specialist in urological diseases

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