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Is a chlamydia home test safe?


Hi Network Doctor.

My question is about Klamydia home testing.

I took the test 3 weeks after unprotected intercourse when I began to get itching in the crotch. I have now received a negative test, but have doubted the test's credibility.

The leaflet states that the test is 98% safe and tested and subject to EU requirements and medical device notices. I'm proved that my itching can be due to nothing but chlamydia.

Now I was just curious about whether a home test with answers within 20 minutes is as safe as a test with the doctor?

Sincerely. one asks


Dear asks

On the one hand, I think it's a bad idea to "discipline a doctor."

On the other hand, there are symptoms or flaws that are so obvious, it is reasonable to try to clear the peas themselves. If clamydia and home testing belong to one or the other group is not so straightforward.

The chlamydia home test you describe can be trusted if the result is "positive" - ??suggesting chlamydia infection. Then - no matter how you otherwise - consult your doctor for final diagnosis and treatment.

And a negative result - no sign of infection - can only be used as part of an overall assessment of your situation, which may also require consultation with your doctor with examination and conversation. It will give you clarification and it will give you peace of mind and peace of mind.

I can not give you a clear explanation of your itch in the crotch. But often it is due to fungal attacks. It is easily clarified by the doctor's examination.

Yours sincerely

Erik Fangel Poulsen,

specialist in women's diseases

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