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Is discharge and secretion from the nipples usually in a 12-year-old girl?


Dear Network Doctor,

My question is about my 12 year old daughter who has developed a lot over the past year. It is partly because she has a lot of outflow. We have been to the doctor several times to make sure there was no infection, but they say that it is not. But I still wonder about how much it comes out - it's yellow / white and it does not smell. Is it really normal that there can be so much in that age?

Next is her breasts that are having a nice size. Now she has made me aware that from the nipples comes a little greenish liquid, which can also be seen in her top. Is it normal?

There is no redness or irritation to see. Should she be asked by her own doctor?

Best regards J L


Dear J L,

Your daughter is in puberty. You do not mention whether she has had menstruation. But if it has not arrived yet, it will probably not take long before it happens for the first time.

Exhaustions as you describe it is for a girl of your daughter's age something quite natural. Virtually all girls and women experience it from time to time. And just in puberty, it's a typical first sign that the development of adult women is in full swing. As you describe it, I'm not sure it's annoying and annoying - but there's no reason to worry, because she has been examined several times and everything is found normally. She will have to get into it and maybe be ready to change pants a bit more often than others.

Something similar applies to the other problem you mention with a little secret from the breasts. It is also natural in relation to her puberty development. Not so that it is something "everyone" experiences, but rarely is not. And annoying is that. You can tell the doctor next time, so she will be checked in that area too, because in an unusually rare case it may indicate something wrong.

Yours sincerely

Erik Fangel Poulsen

Specialist in gynecology.

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