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Is he interested in me?



About a month ago I met a really nice guy. We dated a couple of times, but on our last date he said that he had not yet come across his ex-boyfriend. They had turned up about A week before he had met me. The first time we met, we had six, but afterwards it did not seem like he was interested in just "getting something". After what I have heard about him, he is more a guy who is looking for a firm relationship.

Now, my question is whether I should try to contact him again - that is, if there is a chance that at some point he has come over her and interested in something new? I would rather not be naive if he has just said it with an excerpt not to say straight that he is not interested in me. Or if he sees me as one, he has had a little comforting sex with and no more.

Sincerely, a Question


Dear Questions

You have met a sweet guy, have been with him a couple of times - but now you do not know if he is interested in you.

He recently broke up with his ex-boyfriend and may not be ready to start a new relationship. You are in doubt if he is interested in you and have heard that he is more of a permanent relationship. I think you should deal with yourself what you are. Are you so fond of him that you would like to have a permanent relationship with him - or is it just good to have sex with him? Once you've found out if you're really interested in meeting him again, I think you should contact him - but you'll have to go straight ahead. It may be quite true that he is not yet ready to start a new relationship and may need a break so he can get away from the previous relationship. It is important to respect that he is not quite big right now, so if you really want to be with him, you must calm yourself and examine what he is prepared for.

Yours sincerely

Birgitte Winkel

Relationship therapist

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