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Is it a benign cyst?


Dear Network Doctor

I am a 50-year-old girl who has just been in control of the gynecologist. 2 months ago, he accidentally found a cyst on my right ovary (ultrasound). It was about 3 to 3?cm tall (I could see on the screen 3 white knot-like oddities of different size inside the ovary (in the dark). I was taken a blood test for 2 months since maybe a CA-125 is not sure what he called it, who was in 31. I have to remove the ovary as I was told that the cyst has not become smaller and it is not just fluid-filled. I have become very nervous. My question is now. Could it be a cyst (benign) after the description or should I imagine that it could be more serious?

Sincerely, one asks


Dear Questions

After ultrasound scanning has become a part of the gynecologist's everyday life by studying the abdomen, many larger or smaller water tumors are discovered that have not been known to the woman (by weight, fullness or pain in the abdomen) and which the doctor has not been able to feel by ordinary pelvic examination. Such an improved diagnostic option has both advantages and disadvantages. Let's just take the downside first. The thing is that almost all women regularly develop cysts in the ovary. There are liquid-filled spaces in the tissue. They come and go by themselves in most cases. If you are so "unlucky" to have ultrasound scanning just at a time when such a peaceful, volatile cyst is at its highest, the table catches. However, a survey a few months later shows that the cyst is gone or at least unchanged. If the cyst is large - 4 centimeters in diameter or above - or if it is difficult to assess the cyst and its contents, it is necessary to peek inside and remove the ovary. There must be assurance that it is not developing disease. At the same time, of course, you look at whether the other ovarian is in order. Perhaps you would suggest that it also be removed, and there will probably be no need now that the function of your ovaries is in any case ebbing out. Be confident and enjoy yourself if something is wrong.

Yours sincerely

Erik Fangel Poulsen

Specialist in Women's Diseases

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