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Is it common to become gray-haired as a 27 year old?


I would like to know if it's common to become gray-haired already as a 27-year-old? Otherwise, I have a general healthy health, and a big strong hair, which I think seems to have become thinner approx. while the gray hair has emerged.

The pages preferably in the tops, but also at the top of the head. I have born 2 years ago. Could it cause hair changes? I have a lot of stress in the last few months - could that be a reason? Could it be a temporary one; phenomenon and keep up again?

I eat daily multi-vitamins.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.


Early haircut hair is usually genetically conditioned. Are the women in your family getting gray-haired?

Metabolism (hyperthyroidism) may occasionally give rise to early-haired hair, but will be preceded by symptoms of hyperactive thyroid gland, and the hair will cry over larger areas than you describe.

Pregnancy can trigger metabolic problems, but they are usually detected so your pregnancy is unlikely to do anything about it. Hair problems during / after pregnancy are typically hair loss or beard growth.

So the answer may be: probably you describe a completely natural process for the women in your family, but there is a slight chance that you have a metabolic disease.

For a word, talk to your doctor about your problem. She will be able to investigate and clarify if you may. should have a metabolic disease

Yours sincerely

Flemming Andersen, specialist in skin and genital diseases

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