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Is it Crohns or?


Dear network doctor.

I am a 22-year-old girl who has lived with a difficult stomach throughout most of her life.

Ten years ago, I had a period of about 2 years, where daily diarrhea, severe pain, loss of appetite and weight loss highlighted my everyday life. Then I had a few years when my stomach was roughly in check, but about 4 years ago it broke out again and I had a whole year where the same symptoms stamped me daily and I was struggling to work. However, it stopped after the year after which I've had it just fine and have only had normal belly button from time to time.

My problem is that it has now begun to come back. I lose myself, have diarrhea, periodic fever, joint pain and extreme fatigue. It affects me a lot.

At the time 4 years ago I was examined a lot, for allergies etc without results. I have had colonoscopy, see a capsule tendon copy that showed that I had some bleeding in the intestine. 4 weeks later I had a double balloon endoscorpy, which also showed bleeding, but I was told that there was nothing and that I just had a difficult stomach.

However, my own doctor says he is convinced I'm suffering from Crohns. He thinks I should be investigated again.

My question is now; How is Crohns investigated and found? I think most about the fact that when I've been making so many negative studies, if it would pay off?

Have heard that Crohns is something that comes in periods and therefore can be difficult to catch unless you are outbreaking, that is, it can only be detected while an intestine eruption occurs. Is that right?

Sincerely. one asks


Dear asks

You have had several long periods of diarrhea, abdominal pain, weight loss and poor general condition and have previously been investigated, apparently without any actual inflammation in either the small or large intestine.

Now you have come back in one of these periods, and it will be sensible to investigate again.

There is an excellent article on the network doctor about Crohn's disease here. To make the diagnosis with certainty, you should carry out a binoculars examination, at the same time taking the necessary tissue samples that are very crucial.

There may be other bowel diseases that can give the same symptoms, usually some special inflammations.

In addition, one should also investigate celiac disease, ie gluten allergy.

If after this you find no explanation, you have to go through a so-called diarrhea diagnostic program in search of a cause.

I think the symptoms are too stressful that there may be diarrhea in the form of an irritable colon.


Dennis Raahave

PhD, PhD

Specialist in gastrointestinal diseases

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