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Is it a good idea to take birth control pills?


For some time I've been wearing a lot of pimples and I have not experienced that there was any cream that worked properly. A month ago, I was past the doctor where I received a recipe for a cream that was slightly stronger. I was told that it would take a few months before it would work, but I only think it's getting worse and I've also started to get pimples on my back and neck. A couple of days ago I talked to a girl from my class and she told her that her pimples had gone completely after she had started taking birth control pills. But is it a good idea to take birth control pills?

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Pimples and unclean skin are very common. Up to 90% of all young people will at some point get pimples and acne to a greater or lesser extent. It is estimated that approx. 2 out of 10 young people will have so many pimples that they go to the doctor for treatment. In response to your question, there are some birth control pills that contain hormones that reduce the formation of sebum in the sebaceous glands that are inflamed when you have a pimple. As the amount of sebum decreases, it becomes harder for the bacteria to thrive, which will reduce the number of pimples. I think you should first talk to your doctor again about your cream and then talk about contraceptives and see if it's an option for you.


Alexandra Gheorghe, doctor.

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