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Is it a good idea to use sinks for middle ear infection?


I have a 3 year old boy who often has middle ear infection / fluid collection in the middle ear. It hurts him at the start of the attack and subsequently works with a hearing impairment (like stopping a finger in the ear). He often says, what?

Is there a good solution with drain in the ear?

Could it cause complications such as permanent impairment

hearing when the drain is "dropped out" again?

Is it better to continue the medical treatment?

Is there any preventive / building medicine?


As a rule, children with middle ear fluid are treated with sinks when they have had their ears for 3-6 months. Likewise, 3 or more acute middle ear inflammations of 3 months are enough to drain. Have the child

speech problems or poor well-being, treatment should be done at an earlier stage. In addition, the development of complications in the esophagus and middle ear may be considered after several months of fluid in the middle ear.

Serious consequences of drainage treatment are extremely rare, but some have easy consequences, increasing with the number of drains. Thus, 40% will get a bit of calcification in the esophagus. This causes the mucous membrane to lose a little elasticity, but it does not affect the hearing. Some will have thin areas in

the esophagus, while very few will have a permanent defect in the esophagus. A permanent defect can be "patched" by a minor surgery when the child grows older. Any consequence of drainage treatment is often less severe than the consequences that can occur by failing to treat fluid in the middle ear and chronic middle ear infection. It is apparent from this that only a very few children will have permanent hearing loss due to drainage. Several attempts have been made on medical treatment of fluid in the middle ear. A Danish study has shown a certain effect of broad spectrum penicillin given for 4 weeks. However, only a few parents will probably be interested in such treatment, which may be given several times a year. As there is also a high risk of increased resistance development in the pathogenic bacteria, this form of treatment is not acceptable. Some parents let their children treat with reflexology, chiropractor treatment, natural medicine and / or mineral supplements. However, there are no scientific studies that illustrate these treatments.

Many studies have been conducted into the causes of middle ear infection.

The conclusion on these is that one:

- single child like

- breastfeed for a minimum of 4 months, as

- Passed at home without sharing toys and sucking with other children, like

- Only uses suction in conjunction with insertion with

- non-smoking parents, like

- did not even have middle ear infection during childhood

has the least risk of middle ear infection. However, for only a few children, all of these conditions are met, but in cases where a child has very frequent infections, it is worth considering whether the child's conditions can be changed, for example. by

- change from nursery to home care or care leave at home,

- limitation in the use of sut, so that the suture is only used when the child is to fall asleep.

- Stop smoking at home.

Mikkel Holmelund

Specialist in ear-nose-throat diseases

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