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Is it a broken hemorrhoid I have?


Dear Network Doctor

Two weeks ago, I was at the doctor when I had discovered a bowel at the rectum opening and a little bleeding by hard stools (constipation). The doctor said after the investigation that it was a mucous membrane that had jumped out and there was a rift. I got some creme printed on prescription, and was told to brush it on twice daily and after stool for a week.

My stool became normal again after a few days, resulting in no hard stools and no blood. After the week was over and I stopped the cream, everything was used, except for the mucous membrane that was sitting outside the rectum opening, and still sitting there. It's still there, but it does not hurt, it's not sore and I have no trouble sitting, walking or exercising and there's no blood.

However, I know it's there, so it's still a strange feeling I have when I move. My doctor did not say when the mucous membrane would disappear, causing me to doubt whether it is true that the mucous will just sit there, as it does now.

It should also be mentioned that I can put the mucosa back into the hole, but that it jumps out again after I have had bowel movements. The doctor also said that it was not a hemorrhoid, and when my father and sister had hemorrhoids, there was severe pain and a lot of blood, which is not exactly in my case.

My questions are so: Is it serious that the mucous membrane has not gone by itself or disappeared after two weeks? Should I contact my own doctor again? Or should I just wake up with patience and continue the good food and drink habits as well as regular exercise to avoid constipation again?

Yours sincerely

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Dear Questions

Hemorrhoids occur when the esophagus mucosa with the underlying blood vessels becomes loose and begins to move through anus, for example, by hard stools, as you have experienced. Initially there is pain and a little bleeding, but it disappears, and then back is a remnant of hemorrhoids, now hanging outside the rectum (anus). If this part has not retracted within the opening after a few weeks, it will remain outside. It's not dangerous, but can be uncomfortable as you write.

At this stage of hemorrhoids, there are neither good diets, exercise nor medicine for example local ointments that can help. A surgical specialist will be able to remove the contraction of local anesthesia. It will leave a small wound that will quickly all.

As you write, it is important to avoid constipation where you have to press for bowel movements. This must come almost automatically by itself when you get the urge for it. The good dietary tips with plenty of fiber and enough fluid daily and abundant exercise will provide a proper fecal consistency, so you do not have to squeeze, thus avoiding hemorrhoids.

General Napoleon had major outcomes of hemorrhoids, which was particularly painful on the day of the Battle of Waterloo. Perhaps it was a contributing reason for his defeat!


Dennis Raahave

Senior Doctor, PhD, PhD.

Specialist in surgery and gastrointestinal diseases

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