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Is it burning in the mouth?


Dear Network Doctor

My dentist says I have had a burn in my mouth due to strong spices (chili). Can it fit? I have been 14 days at Borneo and came home with a very, very tender mucous membrane that blew a lot. I then used a massage of gum, toothpicks and chlorhexidine when I thought it might be an aggressive bacterium in the gum when brushing teeth in purified river water, but only for 2 days when I got a suspicion and went over to bottled water. When it was getting better around the teeth, but not in the soft parts inside the cheek, too. I went to the dentist and he could not see anything that suggested paradoxosis. He thinks I had an exceptionally good dental hygiene.

But he could see a few scars after the apes, blisters, the cheek and the gum, and it was also where it was most sore. I had a lot of time early in the process but I do not do that anymore. I remembered that the food had been so spicy with chilli that I often did not get dinner as I could not handle the pain in my mouth. I lived closest to the breakfast and bananas. On the last day, however, I thought I had to taste a little more for the food, though, to have done it. So the dentist meant that it was the spices that had damaged the mucous membranes a lot. I think it sounds sensible as it suits my experiences, but is it right and is it something you've seen? I am red-haired and very thin skin. There is a part I can not handle eg tomatoes that give raised palate leaflets. It's probably the acid. I'm still sore in the mucous membrane, mostly in cheek and in wrappers.

Sincerely, one asks


Dear Questions

I think your dentist is quite right that the strong spices you have been exposed to have bitten your mouth mucous membrane - especially since you react strongly to something "innocent" like tomatoes. I'm sure your mucous membrane will calm down over time.

Yours sincerely

Anne Pedersen,

Specialist Dentist, Dr. odont

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