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Losartan / Hydrochlorothiazide "Teva", comb

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Losartan / Hydrochlorothiazide "Teva" is a medicine for high blood pressure. Angiotensin II and antidiotic agents in combination.

Active substances




Losartan / Hydrochlorothiazide "Teva" uses hyperglycaemia when treatment with one drug is insufficient.


Available as tablets.


  • Usually 50 mg losartan / 12.5 mg hydrochlorothiazide in the morning.
  • The dose may be increased to 100 mg losartan / 12.5 mg hydrochlorothiazide or 100 mg losartan / 25 mg hydrochlorothiazide once a day.

possible side effects

In the case of the first doses, there may be a drop in blood pressure in some individuals.

Common (1-10%)

Powerlessness, Fatigue

Diarrhea, Indigestion, Nausea, Abdominal pain

Facial redness, sinusitis, coughing, stuffed nose

Chest pain, Too much potassium in the blood, Low blood sugar

Muscle cramps, Muscle pain, Back pain, Pain in legs and legs

Headache, dizziness, insomnia

Respiratory Infection

Renal failure, Impact of the kidneys

Uncommon (0.1-1%)

Inflammation of the pancreas

Blood pressure in the heart, Blood pressure drop asleep, Disturbances in the pulse between the central and central chambers of the heart, Brain bleeding / Blood clot in the brain, Cardiac arrhythmias, Cardiac arrhythmias, Fluid retention, Carcinoma, Low blood pressure, Liquids in the lungs, Shortness of breath

Blood deficiency, Increased risk of infection due to lack of white blood cells, Increased tendency to bleeding due to decrease in platelets

Acidemia, Too little potassium in the blood, Too much sodium in the blood, Increased blood sugar, Increased uric acid in the blood

Joint inflammation, joint pain, muscle weakness

Anxiety, fainting, depression, confusion, memory disorder, migraine, nerve inflammation eg on the arms and legs, nervousness, shaking, sleepiness, change in the sensory of the skin

Severe skin reaction where skin is damaged, skin inflammation, hair loss, sensitization to sunlight, redness, skin bleeding and mucous membranes

Impotence, Urinary tract infection

Blurred vision, vision disturbance, tinnitus, eye inflammation

Rare (0.01-0.1%)


Allergic reactions, anaphylactic shock - an acute severe allergic condition


Decomposition of muscle tissue

Severe skin reaction

Should not be used

The drug should not be used at

  • known hypersensitivity to angiotensin II blockers, thiazide type diuretics or to drugs that chemically resemble thiazides, eg sulfamethizole (anti-inflammatory medicine) or certain diabetes tablets.
  • reduced urine output
  • very poorly functioning kidneys or liver
  • narrowing of the bile roads.


Do not use.


Should not be used due to lack of knowledge.


No warning.

Blood donor

Do not drop. Donor must be declared by the donor village.


The use of Losartan / Hydrochlorothiazide "Teva" results in exclusion from sports trials.


  • Blood pressure lowering due to both losartan (angiotensin II blockers) and hydrochlorothiazide (diuretic).
    • losartan inhibits the effect of the blood pressure enhancing hormone, angiotensin II. This increases the blood vessels and the blood pressure drops. The agent also affects salt and water secretion through the kidneys.
    • hydrochlorothiazide increases salt secretion in the kidneys. The increased salt secretion will "pull" water out of the body. This reduces blood pressure.
  • The effect occurs after approx. 2 hours and is maximum after 4-6 hours.
  • The effect lasts for at least 24 hours.
  • The half life in the blood (T?) is 9-13 hours.

Pharmaceutical forms

tablets. 1 tablet (film-coated) contains 100 mg of losartan potassium and 12.5 mg of hydrochlorothiazide.

Special warnings

The drug should be used with caution at

  • poorly functioning liver and kidneys
  • gout
  • narrowing in the body ulcer or in the pulmonary veins of the kidneys
  • and whose previous use of ACE inhibitors has caused hypersensitivity.

The blood potassium content should be checked during treatment as interactions of potassium balance may occur.

Using other medicines

It is important to inform your doctor about all the medicines you are taking.
  • The medicine should not be taken with Aliskiren (another medicine for high blood pressure) if you have diabetes or poorly functioning kidneys.
  • Concomitant intake of potassium tablets or potassium-sparing diuretics may in some cases lead to an increase of potassium content in the blood.
  • NSAIDs (anti-rheumatoid arthritis and pain), certain anti-tuberculosis (rifabutin and rifampicin), cholesterol lowering agents (colestipol and colestyramine) may reduce the effect of Losartan / Hydrochlorothiazide "Teva".
  • Losartan / Hydrochlorothiazide "Teva" may increase the effect of anti-cardiovascular, muscle relaxant and sulphonylurea (diabetes) drugs, which increases the risk of poisoning with lithium (medium-to-medium).
  • In combination with Losartan / Hydrochlorothiazide "Teva" and adrenal gland hormone beta2stimulants (agents for asthma and COPD) and amphotericin B (fungicide) can reduce the potassium content of the blood.
  • Concomitant treatment with ACE inhibitors or aliskiren (other antihypertensive drugs) increases the risk of low blood pressure, increased potassium in the blood and kidney effects.

Grants, delivery, packages and prices

subsidiesextraditionDispensing form and strengthPackingPrice in kr.

Losartan / Hydrochlorothiazide

May only be delivered once after the same prescription unless the recipient has stated on the prescription, how many times and with what time intervals additional extradition must take placefilm-coated tablets100 + 12.5 mg100 pieces. (Blister)1.000,45


Titanium dioxide (E171)


film-coated tablets 100 + 12.5 mg

Cozaar Comp. 100 mg / 12.5 mg MSD Hydrochlorothiazide

Ancozan CompSandoz Hydrochlorothiazide

Losartanka./HClthiazid "Krka" KRKA Hydrochlorothiazide

Losartanka./HClthiazid AmnealAmneal Nordic Hydrochlorothiazide

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