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Regarding tetanus vaccination


Dear Network Doctor

In 1981, I was vaccinated against tetanus, I could not find my vaccination card and my mother did not think I had been vaccinated as a child. Therefore, I was vaccinated from the beginning. On my new vaccination card there are 21/12 1981 and 10/8 1988 20/9 1988 and 19/12 1995 next to the last one ml. (1 year) no5204. Afterwards, I find my childhood vaccination card and it turns out that, like everyone else, I have been vaccinated as a child. That is, it is now 15 years since I finally got a tetanus vaccination. And I've long wanted to get it renewed, but I've been terribly nervous about medicine and the like. for the sole reason that I have heard and read about anaphylactic shock. I have never experienced any allergic reaction to something myself, but can not really overcome this raised anxiety. So my question is now. When I have been vaccinated against tetanus earlier, is it possible that I can develop anaphylactic shock? Or is it a problem that I received more vaccinations than was necessary because of the missing vaccination card? After a vaccination, when can you be sure that there is no more danger? Is there a high risk of anaphylactic shock by tetanus vaccine? I know I get my. after the injection will be anxious and believe that it is due to an anaphylactic shock. Therefore, I need to get answers to these questions, hope I can answer my questions here.

Sincerely, one asks


Dear asks

Tetanus vaccination must be one of the safest and most frequently administered vaccines in the world. In many countries, children like Denmark make up 4 x tetanus vaccination (in combination with other childhood vaccinations), and in these countries, 2-3 additional so-called "booster" tetanus vaccinations are recommended for pregnant women woman. Since women in that part of the world are most pregnant more ganged, many women receive many doses. They do so to produce a lot of antibody as they pass over the placenta of the unborn child, so this does not get tetanus as an infant. It also means that there is a large amount of experience that does not immediately indicate that many doses of tetanus vaccine should have dangerous side effects. The side effects that can be seen in the individual tetanus vacciantion are usually a relatively modest local response. The reaction is because there is already some immunity to tetanus vaccine components. The side effects occur after 24-48 hours and consist of a lesser swelling of vaccination rates that last for a week. Proper allergic reactions (especially anaphylactic shock) are very rare if seen at all. People who do not tolerate formalin may have a particularly strong irritation to the skin at the intake. The vaccine abephases to everybody at ten years apart and is very safe as stated above.

Best wishes

S?ren Thybo Dr

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