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What is sex addiction?

Sex dependence is a state where thoughts about sex, fantasies about sex and actual sexual activity are so much in your life that it's beginning to go beyond your everyday life, your togetherness, your job and your relationships at all. When you are sex dependent, you are so busy getting the next "fix" that you are willing to override many of your daily obligations. The sexual universe and sexual activity gradually takes over in one's life and fills more and more, and you get the feeling that you no longer have control over their actions.

Sex dependence is a condition that can have major personal consequences for the addict, and often treatment will be necessary to break the addiction and to gain control in his life.

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How do you define sex dependency?

There is no independent diagnosis of sex dependence, but you will often see that the sex-dependent has hypersecretal features. That is, one has a behavior characterized by increased sexual activity, and the Is there a diagnosis for. However, the diagnosis system does not indicate guidelines for diagnosis or when hyperseksual. It therefore becomes a question of how troubled one feels herself of his inappropriate sexuality.

There are in practice two modes: sex dependency and hypersecurity that overlap.

Hyper Sexuality

Hyperspecial behavior typically involves:

  • masturbates a lot, often up to several times daily
  • watching a lot of porn on the internet and mostly accompanying this with masturbation.
  • is active and outgoing in relation to establishing sexual contacts, it may be in chat rooms or with profiles on sex pages.
  • looking for prostitutes, porn clubs or swing clubs.
  • often have more regular and simultaneous sexual partners or have other partners while in a permanent relationship.

What becomes crucial when diagnosing is the total amount of sexual activity, ie both the fantasies, the planning, the contact and the masturbation. For both the hyperspecial and the sex-dependent, there will be a lot of sexual activity.

It is important to find out what consequences the increased sexual activity has for the individual. Many will find that the relationship is threatened or that you are gradually unable to achieve and maintain a permanent relationship because you are not ready to give up for their hypnotic activities. The job can be at risk because you become more and more unconcentrated and perhaps unstable because the sexual universe becomes too attractive and takes too much time.

The hyperseks are suffering in this state. The feeling of lack of control is dominative, sadness, low self-esteem, guilt and shame becomes feelings that accompany the hypnotic behavior, and often leads to the feeling that one's entire life is threatened.


Sex dependency can be compared to other forms of addiction. This is a gradual development over time. The sex addict has usually had an open and curious attitude to sex, porn and masturbation since puberty. It may be that you have always masturbated a lot, maybe even more than you expect that your comrades did. You may have begun looking at porn at an early age and have used this for stimulation by masturbation. At one point, "normal" porn is a bit boring and you start looking for some more exciting material that can give one thrill and kick back. You get into a pattern where more and more are needed to achieve the same satisfaction. This means that you spend more time finding the right material that may be more and more cross-border to work.

Actually, it is about developing tolerance to the porn material, like the alcoholics who start drinking beer and end up drinking pure liquor. It has now been removed from the target of the original act, which consisted of just watching a little porn as inspiration for a quick release. The action when you are sexually dependent is no longer just about bright and quick sexual satisfaction; Instead, it has come to an escape from other relationships in life that are difficult to relate to.

How widespread is sex addiction?

You do not know how many are sex dependent, but it is a problem that more and more people are approaching by professionals for treatment. It is a state that has been increasing focus, and has particularly speeded up access to the internet has become easily accessible.It's easy to get in touch with porn material, it's free or at least cheap, and the committee knows no limits. And then you can be anonymous on the internet.

The easy access has meant that many more have had trouble controlling their porn consumption. It has also become easy to access sexual relations with others, and the non-binding meeting has become an opportunity for anyone who is in need of it.

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Why do you become addicted to sex?

You can be addicted to sex in the same way that you can depend on all other stimulants. The sexual act has an effect on both the body and the psyche. The orgasm process includes both excitement, a high level of tension within the body just before the release and finally the orgasm, followed by relaxation. During this process, different drugs are triggered with antidepressant, sedative and sense of happiness in the body, and they can be relied upon in principle.

Psychologically, you are in a state that is not comparable to other states; You are fully focused and it is impossible to feel anything but sexual feelings. You can not be sad, you can not think of problem solving, and you can not wonder anything while sexual stimulation is at its highest. It is precisely the state where the outer daily world does not exist, as some become addicted to the search.

There are other conditions where increased sexual activity is one of the other symptoms. For example, ADHD, dementia and bipolar disorder (maneuverability), as well as OCD (compulsive thoughts or forced labor) and abuse states (drugs, alcohol).

Who becomes addicted to sex?

In principle, everyone can become addicted to sex. Men like women. However, there is often a difference between the background for sex addiction.


It is often seen that women with a hypersensitivity condition or sex addiction have been exposed to sexual abuse or sexual cross-border actions or that hyperseciety is a symptom of symptoms in diseases other than those mentioned above.


This is not typical of men. You can not draw a general profile of people at risk of becoming sex dependent, but studies indicate that men who have developed a hypersensitivity condition often:

  • have had previous sexual debut than the average.
  • have more varied experiences than the average
  • have had more homosexual experiences
  • Have more and early experiences with purchase cheeses

You can also see that hyperseksual men have more paraphils, ie forbidden sexual interests or interests in the "gray zone". Typically, there are exhibitions of exhibitionism, (blotteri), voyeurism (beluring), transvestical fetichism (need to clothe the opposite sex's clothes) and sadomasochism.

Many who treat themselves also have experience with a previous abuse, mostly of drugs and alcohol. In these cases you can often draw parallels to the earlier abuse, and it is clear that sex dependence has replaced the former abuse. The need to escape from the actual problem still underlies the abuse. The drug has just become something else, a new addiction.

There are many who say that while they used to be drugs and alcohol abuse, they also had a high level of sex and porn consumption, but they did not previously consider it addictive, as drug addiction overshadowed sex abuse.

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What types of sex dependency are there?

You do not distinguish between different types of sex dependence. In general, it can be said that there may be differences in how dependence looks, but the background for addiction is usually quite similar:

  • Some are addicted to the Internet and are guided by creating contact.
  • Some do not want contact but are looking for porn for themselves and for their own use.
  • Some are keen to have many sexual contacts and to test their sexual limits.
  • Some actually seek contacts through apps, chats, or everyday contacts.
  • Some are looking for purchase cheeses.
  • Some seek environments where the non-binding sexual contact is the primary.

Common to most is that addiction changes over time, filling more and more, getting wilder and wilder and, for ever, more dangerous.

When should you seek help?

You need to seek help when you feel that you are losing control of your sexual behavior. When it's sexuality that begins to rule one and that sex is no longer just about self-satisfaction or intimacy in relationships.

Seek help when the sexual activity has a frequency or intensity to cause significant concern or suffering, or it causes a social inhibition, preferring one's own and the computer's company rather than another's company. Seek help if sex dependence prevents you from initiating and entering into a relationship.

How do you treat sex dependence?

Sex dependence is a condition that is mainly treated with psychological methods, focusing on the wishes of the addict, as well as maintaining and motivating the dependent in mobilizing the changes in their own lives. You work with motivation, understanding of the background for abuse, awareness of relationships or feelings that trigger behavior, and here there is a particular focus on the emotional regulatory effect of abuse. One works to provide sex-related strategies to deal with the underlying emotions or problems and strategies to help stop its abuse.

Someone may benefit from medical treatment. Typically, you will treat newer antidepressant drugs called SSRIs that have the effect of reducing sex drive. For some, sexual desire or sexual thoughts and fantasies are so urgent that one wants a chemical castration. Here you can treat Androcur, which suppresses the male sex hormones, thereby taking the pressure of thoughts and fantasies. However, this type of treatment belongs to the rarities.

If you suspect you are addicted to sex or have a hypersensitivity condition, talk to your doctor about the problem. The doctor may then refer you to an assessment and possible treatment at one of the many sexological clinics that offer specialized treatment for hypersecurity / sex addiction.

What is the prospect of the future?

It may be very important that you get into treatment as early as possible and maybe already where you really think it's a "bad habit" that you have developed, but at the same time you notice that the bad habit nevertheless does not is so easy to drop.

It is possible to control abuse and addiction, but it requires that you be motivated and motivated to make the change in your life that you want to relinquish and not want sex to rule your life.

If you do not get treatment, it may have serious personal consequences for someone. Often, isolation, dissatisfaction with life, self-esteem, sadness, guilt and shame follow. One's relationships can start to crumble because you become unstable compared to other people. You become unstable at work / study, withdraw from the partner or can not establish or maintain a relationship at all. One withdraws from friends and family. You live a double life, and the parallel sex universe takes more and more.

Finally, one can not know itself, and it can be difficult to understand that one has moved so far away from its original norms and wishes for his life.


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