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Infectious nail fungus


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Smitter nail fungus ??

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Nail fungus is not considered to be particularly contagious. Mushrooms in toenails, however, are almost always preceded by foot fungus, which is contagious and infects from person to person via infected skin dandruff. Foot fungus can spread to the nails and later develop into nail fungus. When talking about infection risk in conjunction with nail fungus, it is important to distinguish whether there is also foot fungus.

Foot fungus occurs most frequently as localized changes in the gap between 4th and 5th toe with redness, scalding, cracks and itching, while other forms appear in the soles of the feet such as eczema changes that may be itchy. Foot fungus infects that skin dandruff with fungal spores (small parts of the fungus that can form a new fungus) is transferred from one person to another. Typical by walking on bare feet in surroundings where many people move. Especially in humid environments there is a risk of contamination with fungal spores (swimming pools, bath and changing rooms). The best thing you can do to avoid being infected with foot fun is to use bath sandals in swimming pools and communal bathrooms, keep your feet clean and dry and use your own separate towel.

Nail fungus often appears in thickened, discolored nails, which may be loosened from the nail bed. By nail fungus, the infection is most often located under the nail and is therefore not very contagious. However, it should be noted that nail fungus may contagiously occur in connection with foot therapy and nipping down the nails as detached nails may be infected with contagious fungal spores. But in addition, the risk of transmission of infection is considered to be small and only general hygiene measures are recommended.

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