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What happens in my brain when I smoke hash?


Dear Network Doctor

I'm a 16 year old boy who came up with an accident yesterday. After leaving school, a group of friends and I decided to smoke a joint. I smoke about half of it. About 10-15 minutes later I became more and more drowsy.

Suddenly, I woke up to the ground and found out that I was "black-outed" (fainted, ed.). Unfortunately, I was injured, but it was fine after sitting on a chair and having a glass water. After the cannabis effect decreased (about 40 minutes later), I felt completely normal again.

My question is whether I have to worry about some after effects of my blackout, such as a hash psychosis? I do not think I've been affected by it, as I say, I feel quite normal, except for a few physical nodes.

Yours sincerely

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Dear Questions

Thank you for your email, describing your experience of smoking cannabis. You tell me that you first became drowsy and later got a black-out. What you're saying is not unusual when using hash.

The substance in the hash that affects the psyche is called tetrahydrocannabinol (in daily speech cannabis) and it affects different areas of the brain: Hippocampus, which is an area of ??the brain that inter alia regulates memory and which weakened by smoking cannabis. The limbic system that controls the mood - its effect can trigger what is called "grinflip" in the abusive circles, and the cerebellum, which, among other things, carries out the coordination of movement and balance, why smoking cannabis can become a bit dizzy and dumbfounded.

You tell yourself that you felt normal after 40 minutes, and of course it is good, but you should know that due to the fat solubility of cannabis, it is found in the body, including the central nervous system, even very long after smoking. You must be glad that it did not get worse.

Smoking cannabis can lead to what is called "noia" in terms of abuse, which means paranoia, that is, persecution and possibly accompanying visual hallucinations. If so, you have become psychotic, which, besides being very uncomfortable, is a quite dangerous condition, as it is unreasonable.

Long-term studies have shown that people who smoke cannabis have an increased risk of developing psychoses later, so it is certainly not harmless to smoke cannabis. Therefore, I hope you can realize that you have smoked cannabis for the last time. Ever!

Yours sincerely

Hans M?rch

Specialist in psychiatry

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