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What is OCD?


Dear Network Doctor

For the past 2-3 months, I have been nervous about driving a car, which is something I do almost every day and can not be avoided. What happens is that I'm afraid to drive someone down, even though I can clearly see that I do not, I think it's because I've overlooked something. It is almost impossible to convince myself that nothing has happened. I get nervous, shaking, crying and having a stomach ache. Once upon a time I started hyperventilating in a short period of time. Keep in mind that it's really breathtaking, but in the situation, I think it has happened.

Have read about panic attacks, but do not think it's so bad for me as it is being described. Is not afraid of the idea of ??having to drive and driving, it only happens while driving and almost every time. Sometimes I have to drive back and forth to check if something has happened. Should I talk to my doctor about it?

Sincerely, a Question


Dear asks

It sounds uncomfortable, but comfort you that it is harmless - and I think you have OCD. You write that you are afraid to drive someone else while driving. You know that your fear is irrational, but it is still so pronounced that you shake, hyperventilate, cry, get into your stomach, and so on. and sometimes you have to drive back to check that you have not actually driven anyone down, even if you know your behavior and fear are irrational.

OCD is the abbreviation for "obsessive compulsive disorder" in Danish obsessive-compulsive disorder, and denotes a condition of obsessive compulsive disorder (compulsions). OCD is said to be an anxiety disorder because thoughts may be associated with much anxiety, and in situations where incentives are committed to exerting forced labor, one may experience a lot of anxiety. Now fear is primarily an uncomfortable feeling, but the anxiety also manifests itself physically - and here your symptoms are pure textbook examples: shaking, sweating, stomach ache, hyperventilation, somebody's eyelash or ears, others are afraid of to fall over or pee in the pants, others again get chest pain or other pain, yes the symptoms are many. The fear is irrational, because you know that you have not hit anyone, but the pulses are so urgent that you simply have to drive back to just looking extensively, but that's often the case with fear, that is, there is nothing to fear.

You can read more about OCD on the following website: - I think you will be able to read about something you recognize here. The good news is that most forms of OCD can be treated, either with medicines (SSRI antidepressants) or with cognitive behavioral therapy - or combination of both. I would suggest that you contact your GP and discuss the possibility of starting treatment with an SSRI preparation (for example, sertraline). There may be some side effects, primarily at the beginning of treatment, but it also sounds the other way around as if you are so prone to your symptoms that you may be in need of treatment.

Yours sincerely

Hans M?rch

Specialist in psychiatry

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